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A friend of mine has a '95 Chevy single cab SWB that we have towed with several times. Only bad thing was the brakes. The 14 bolt should help that out. Discs would be cool too since it is so cheap and easy. We didn't expect to get going too fast too quick with the 4.3, but it would keep everything going 70-75 easily. This was on relatively flat land though. We never towed over about 5k lbs. with it, but it did fine up to 5k. We never had trouble with the rearend wanting to swap ends either. The 5 spd. held up fine, but the clutch went out at about 120k miles. You might consider putting an overload in it or helper springs, and depending on the wieght you are going to tow, the 3/4 ton springs might be a good option. It all really depends on the weight you are going to be towing with it.
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