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Pdaddy said:
Damn you towed with the 4.3!! Im putting in a 350 (5.7L TBI) so I dont think power will be an issue, so the 5 speed gave you no problems cool, I plan to put in a clutch when I swap motors as well
If i am right, there is someone on here who use a 4cyl 4wd tacoma to tow his jeep... i think it was pig.. wanna talk about small motors in tow rigs. :flipoff2:

Also, is it just me, or are people using smaller and smaller tow rigs? When i asked about towing with my 1500 ram, most people told me it would be unsafe and i shouldnt do it.. but it seems like people keep using smaller and smaller tow rigs. Is it just me, or am i missing something?

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