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That looks like this:

The headers that I purchased, and installed look like this:

With the little area at the bottom for the exhaust donut.

Anyways, the header tube is 2.25", but I would like to run 2.5" exhaust. First, is it possible to mount up one of those type of weld on flanges that has a 2.5" exhaust hole, but will still fit the donut, the same as would a flange with the 2.25" exhaust hole? Basically I was hoping that the exhaust hole is different but not the actual diameter of the donut portion.

Second, does anyone know where I can get one of these flanges? The two bolt flange is 3.5" center to center for the bolt holes. Any help appreciated. The crappy exhaust shop in my town absolutely blows, so I would rather order something online or have something made online. Will be fabbing up my own exhaust, just need this part to get started. Thanks!
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