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You need to get your comments in on the SO CAL forest service plan - this is just one of the ways you can be heard

The best alternative for multiple use is Alternative 5....the greens are pushing for alternative 6 - which is pretty much eminent closure of al the existing trails....

Peter, and All,
Could you forward this on the Pirate site and others interested.

All canyon and OHV multi-use a very important open house this Wednesday the 12th.
It will be a open house forum which basicly means the Forest Service is bringing out the Forest Plan Alternatives that they have created to date. There are 6 alternatives in all. It is important to empower yourselves and attend this meeting.
Number 6 is not very good.(understatement)

I will be there between 5-6Pm on the 12th trying to get as much information as I can. It will not be a "forum" question and answer, but more just to see where the forest service is at this time in the process. Rangers will be on hand to try and answer questions.

the location is;
Pasadena Conference center
Room 101-102
300 east Green street in Pasadena
Hours are between 3- 8:00 pm

Thank you,
Mike Bishop
President A.C.O.R.A.
(626) 840-8472

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