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Subj: HELP NEEDED - Disabled Run This Saturday and Sunday
Date: 09/05/2001 9:05:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From:    [email protected] (garyj)
To:    Undisclosed-Recipient:mad:mail.calweb.com;;

This weekend is the Disabled Sports USA run up to Fordyce Lake.
We still need a lot of seats.
I only have 4 seats on Saturday and 1 for Sunday. We need 20 for both days.
If you can make it please call me ASAP.
Keep in mind, this is the run that will pay $30 per day; per vehicle that is there. You can camp out Friday and Saturday.
If you donate the $30 per day to the club, the club will pay for your camping.
It will only cost you the meals (except lunch on Sat & Sun; they will be provided) and gas.

Please come and help out.
I can be reached from 7:00am to 10:00 pm. 916-925-2272
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