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Anyone used this pan/setup?

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I found this oil pan setup on eBay and was wondering if anyone has any expierence with it? (I'm not even sure I have the room for the size pan but will measure Friday.)

Curious if anyon has this setup or alteast some items from this setup? What do you think???

If all sounds good I plan on running the above + an electronicaly activated accusump from canton as well.
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We use to use that on our race truck before we put the dry sump on it. We had the Accusump on it too and still do with the dry sump. As far as the girdle set up I can't recall if its compatable with the dry sump pan. I do recall we had issues with some of the holes in the girdle being wrong and having to redrill one or two and the studs that came with it were not compatable but that is easily taken care of. The single sump pans are better to keep a bunch of oil on your pickup but the dual pans can be helpful on TTB trucks if your bump stops are set to allow the beams to cycle up close to the frame...

Jason :)
So your saying you liked it or didn't ;) Sounds like you did minus a few problems :)
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