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I'm only going to jump in here because no one else has yet.... But I am sure someone else will as soon as I am done posting this.

The AOD is most easily identifiable by having a throttle lever sticking out on the driver side, in a shaft concentric of the gear shifter shaft.

Both the AOD and the AODE/4R70W have this feature. It is unique to the tranny.

It only comes in the small block bolt pattern.

Early editions have one, five prong octogon-style connector on the driver side for the neutral safety switch, the backup lights and the neutral sensing switch.

Later editions have one white, multiconductor connector in the tranny case for the lockup torque convertor and some other features. This is an AODE or a 4R70W.

The pan is almost square, with a slight narrow taper towards the rear end. There pan is almost flat except for a small hump on the bottom.

I think I read somewhere that the lentgth of the case is supposed to be like 20 inches or something, but I never measured mine.

Hope it helps...

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