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:emb2:yeah.. its in my lincoln :emb2:

so last night i did an oil change, and pulled/cleared the codes. all is well.

as soon as i get in to go i notice the tranny is shifting funny.

seems to not want to shift into its next gear. It'll go eventually, but it wraps the 5.0 out BAD before it does. Is this a TV cable adjustment problem.. or is the thing dieing?? fluid level looks good, although could use a change.

any other ideas?

any help would be great.. my wife is slated to drive this thing 1200 miles next week. :(


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i would start off checking the throttle linkage up at the engine. these are famous for the grommet falling apart. if that is the case go to your local transmission shop and by the brass bushing insert and problem solved. if that isnt the case start checking a little deeper like doing a service on transmission. advoid trying to drive to you get the problem fixed those transmissions can be pricey.
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