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There are a $HIT ton of calibers associated with the ar10 and can be chambered in basically anything... I have a bolt action rifle in 7mm mag but looking for a semi auto large bore

What is recommended for these.... obviously something not so exclusive it can't be shot without getting a second morgage.....

With that said I was thinkiing .338 lapua (range and accuracy)

but what is the general concensus on caliber for the ar10
The 308 is the base for the .243WIN, 260REM, 7mm-08, .338FED and .358WIN

So using any of these rounds you could use the same bolt.

The .308 has an OAL of 2.80", I 'think' the longest you can go in the Armalite and DPMS magazines is 2.9"
A 338Lapua has case lenth of 2.7" and an OAL of 3.68". You are going to be very hard pressed to get an AR10 to work with that round.

The .338 FED is faster then the 308, fires a heavier bullet, and produces greater muzzle energy. I am not up on available bullets for this round, but if you can get omething with a high BC this just might make the ultimate AR. Federal claims the .338 is comparable to the 30-06.

Also since these rounds are based on the 308 handloading from USGI brass wont be an issue.

Looks like the 450 Marlin would also work, but I believe you need a new bolt.

Anyway check out
Randell has a great reputation.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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