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First off, thanks for everyone who replied to my earlier questions about this setup. Here is what I ended up with:

CO2 tank from Marine Depot
80psi static regulator from Williams Balloon
1/4" air hose from Lowes
Push-loc pneumatic fittings for 1/4" hose
Various quick connects from Lowes
Non-electric Air Locker switch from Gulf Coast Rovers Non-electric Air Locker switch

I have bench tested this setup and it works great. I will start installing my front ARB tomorrow and hopefully will complete it (along with the front axle rebuild) this weekend.

I really like the switch from Gulf Coast Rovers. I investigated building one but for $32 shipped, theirs is a bargain and requires no head-scratching on my part. Anyone who wants to set up an ARB without wiring ought to look at this.

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