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I bought this a few years back thinking it was a RD03 10 spline..I just pulled it out of storage (a little rusy) and I noticed the paper work is for a RD56 24 spline. Looks like 10 to me...any good way to tell (other than pull driveshafts)

well i guess my red star has lapsed.


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Just slide your finger inside the side hole and feel the sun gears, if its smooth, then it's 24 spline, if it is coarse, its 10 spline...

(reread the above and think of it with your eyes closed, you'll have other pleasures than finding out the id of that locker :flipoff2: )

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DooDoo Brown said:
thanks guys its a 10 spline....is it worth converting it to 24 spline I wonder or selling it and just buying a new one in 24
I know that Bill at GBR offers different side gears, not sure on cost.

Or find a series guy that wants an ARB :D
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