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There are several ways to run ARB LOCKERS you can change 3rd members to pre 99's with 96-98 being bolt in for rear and may or may not bolt in the front OR you can do the ORW method if you want to keep your gearing 4.88
the ORW method of doing the install requires modifying the ring gear by machining it. if you do not have access to a competent machinist use 3rd member swaps.
1. remove third member
2.remove ring gear
3. machine ID on ring gear to 4.63" then take .015 off face touching the ARB basically chamfering corner so locker can now fit inside
4.Everything else is the same as far as install
this took a week to figure out between ORW-Murrieta and ARB America and I appreciate the hard work. the ARB locker is a RD209 which used to be the RD79
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