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You can make your own cheaper. 1/8th pipe to -3 an adapters. One for each end. Take the fitting that goes in to the third member and drill it out so the copper tubing slips into it. Don't recall the drill size, but I have done this numerous times. The base of the fitting will seal the ferule against the brass bushing, but the tubing won't fit into it, until drilled.

Caution the SS lines do not stretch at all, and if they are too short, it will rip the brass fitting right out of the housing. Don't ask how I know!

An alternative that I like is the push lock hose and fittings. Rated way over the 105psi or so the ARB max's at. Easy to assemble, does not come apart without cutting the hose off. Best of all it will stretch and is cheaper than SS. You need 2) 1/8th pipe barb fitting and the matching 5/16ths hose is all you need. Drilling the housing side is still needed.

These I get at the local Parker store, where they have everything you could need for anything pneumatic or hydraulic, in the way of lines and fittings.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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