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I just read through that article on 60's supplied below. It was saying that a 60 cover had 10 bolts on it and also showed a picture of it. I compared the picture to my pics of my axle and they looked identicle. The pumkin and cover seem exactly the same.

Here is the link to my pic.
look at the cover and pumpkin,

and here is the article i read.
The pic is about 1/4 of the way down.
compare the two cover's and stuff.
http://www.rightcoastcrawler.com/billaVista/60_front/Dana 60 Front Axle.htm

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LC Hamma said:
You may be thinking of the D60/D70 covers being the same, which they are.
My d60 cover will bolt up to my d70 but the stock d70 cover has a larger lip cause the casting has a larger lip.

So put a d70 cover on yoru d60 and it will need to be trimmed.
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