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Hi jeepers, im just a spectator of the rockcrawling craze, i have folllowed it since 99. I have mostly seen the stuff at byrds but i have gone out west to watch some of the big events. I have been following all the comments since they released the info on the event at byrds a couple of months ago. I have a couple of questions. This event in Sep. at byrds costs 300 to enter each rig which includes camping for 4 people right? Some people have been complaining that 300 is too much and they need some sponsors to help out so they dont have to pay so much to enter. But, doesnt all of the other rockcrawling events have huge sponsorships backing them up. Dont they charge at least 300 to enter an event. Is it also true that some of them even make the competitors pay a pre-registration fee once a year just to be able to pay to compete? It sounds to me like these people complaining may be promotors of "big rockcrawling events" that are pissed that Byrd's is offering a bigger payout. On a side note the buggies were ok to watch the first couple of times but now they are like watching 4x4 fourwheelers they are not that much interesting unless they crash and roll. How many of these 50,000 dollar rigs want to keep doing that for what they are getting paid? I heard that the comparison between buggy and full bodied rigs is like comparing indy cars to nascars. The buggys are indy cars and the full bodied rigs are nascars and we all know how we love nascar! I would much rather watch a REAL jeep or toyota compete over some UFO Cage thing. Dont mean to piss off you buggy guys, just my thoughts. So you guys keep Gittin' er Done. Thanks for the entertainment. Twigs.
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