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Portsmouth NH,
alright here it is. mY atlas is up for sale.
advance adapter atlas II 3.8 ratio 32 spline upgrade on both output shafts. twin stick shifter it has the speedometer option, drivers side drop.

If you cannot buy this right now please dont call dids on this item. I am looking for someone who has the money right now to buy. cash is best but i also accept paypal and my paypal account accepts credit cards. I will not wait a couple weeks till you have the money. if you want to buy this you need to ready to buy it now. If you cant pick it up for a few weeks that is fine. but you must pay for it if you want me to hold onto it.

i had this mounted to an AX-15 so whatever input shaft that is, its that one.
this also has a highangle driveline (HAD)cutting brake installed on the t-case and has HAD custom flanges at the yokes.
i had this setupo in my tj with a 5.5 RE longarm kit, ax-15
if you are going to be running a similar setup i also have the custom made driveshafts form HAD with less than a 1000 miles on them that have the CV shaft with flange mounts at the t-case side and use 1-ton 1350 series u-joints
what these cost brand new
atlass 3.8 with 32spline upragrade and twin stick shifters ($2500 new)
HAD cutting brake($289 new)
HAD front shaft($469 new) i have the reciept
HAD rear shaft ($429 new)
HAD special flange moutnts for atlass II $109 ea.x 2

heres the pricing
atlas II with cutting brake and flange mounts- $1950

driveshafts from HAD
front- $250

these will be for sale on here untill moday afternoon then going to ebay.


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