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I have been searching the web for three days and finally said screw it so I'm gonna post the damned question.

I am looking at upgrades for my 98 TJ sometime around April 15th of next year...lift, tires, gears, lockers ect. I will be streatching the $$$ pretty thin but looking real hard at transfer case and transmission swaps as well.

I don't want to throw money into the 231 or mess with an 18 or a flipped 300 and stock 231 gears arn't going to cut it. With the d44/30 I plan on running 4:56's and 33 or 35 inch tires.

I would like to purchase an Atlas but might have to keep the Ax-15 around for a while due to $$$. In time the Ax-15 is gonna go (one way or another!!!). I just don't know which transmission yet; 700r4, t18, sm420 ect.?

Lots of B.S. for one question but.....

I don't know if the Atlas is different for specific applications. Am I going to need an adapter for the Atlas when I do the transmission swap?

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