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And there is more to this story..

Now it has hapened to some of us.. We roll... And the motor gets oil in the cylinders. No problem pull the plugs, hit the switch and blow it all out.

Not difficult. Except when your buddy the Medical guy is down wind...

Well I have never been so covered in oil, nor will my SAR_Sammy ever rust again. All was spattered and covered in slimy oil.

Everything was a mess.. Seats. Dash, All Medical supplies, Hood, Roll Cage, I don't think he could have done a better job if he aimed and tried on purpose....

Seems like it took 4 towels and 45 mins to poorly clean it all up. And if this wasn't funny enough after the sand storm all night it was a gritty slimy mess all over again. The sand found every oily spot both inside and outside.. YUCK......

So all enjoy the humor in this and I will always be upwind from RudeZuk "Hmmm name??" for various reasons... hahaha...



1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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