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The attack in the game will be competitions. Do you want player to be able to attack up or down any number of levels? Sometimes it's good to limit the numbers of levels so higher players can pick on the lower players and will limit people in higher levels from getting paid to help other players level faster. It also helps when at war with another clique, it makes it a team deal instead of one player on the team being able to take the whole clique down.

My thoughts are since this is a "hardcore" game, to allow these cross levels hit in the normal head to head part of the game but limit the level to say 100 levels when at war with another clique. This will make all players an important part of the clique when at war but unprotected if they cause trouble in the game on their own. Give me your thoughts on this please. We will be ready for testing most likely starting tomorrow. I will be making some of the things needed to get going and John can edit them as he needs. The testers will be helping to get this game finished at the same time.

This setup will allow them to get a head start while we finish the game.
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