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attn daniel

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ok fawker i need some huge meats for the rubi-bus.

i am thinking a set of them michlien 53" with beadlocks. are you the hook up on this ? if not 53" s then i guess we can settle on some baby 46" :flipoff2: so what the 411 on these bad boys ?
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well it has 44 swampers on it now and they are just........................................well,too small :flipoff2:
Ben Holloway said:
are there any recent pics of the rubibus yet??

no....my camera took a crap.

lots of recent progress though. it's maiden voyage is to the hammers on valentines weekend.
Daniel said:
I hope you have rockwells or a weak motor:)
try these... :D...:D:D

Whats funny is .... Doesnt this guy work on your stuff??
Calm down, calm down, lets just try and keep our heads until this Rockwell & 48" tire craze dies out.
ya air bag does some fab work for me. he likes to build stuff light and i like massive. he is a great engineer and i just like to break shit. makes for good camp fire chats. :D

as far as the rubi-bus goes. it has a 454 motor and 60/14 axles. it is not really gonna be a wheeler. just kinda a transport buggy. it is not likley to see any serious trails. just tooling around.

so whats the deal on 46 or 53 with 8 lug locks ?
i am not going in to the office today to check my email. can you PM me ?
fcfred said:
camo knows the deal

go big michelin or go home (I had a feeling you would bite after you saw the USD)

hey glitter master, if my lady doesn't come visit for v-day I'll try to join you at the hammers
ya fawker it's all your falt. :flipoff2: not to out done i am getting 53"them little 46 you got are puny. :D
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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