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Didn't want to hi-jack the other thread. :D

Running 55 springs in the front of my rig, they are rear spings, not sure what year they came from but they are all the same. (I think??)

As for mounting, I cut off the stock bumper and put a piece of 2" by 3" box tubing in it's place. So basically moved the front mount forward by atleast 2 inches. I did it this way because I outboarded the front springs, and put the full width 44 under it at the same time. I also removed 3 leaves to start with, and then later replaced the 3 leaf. Making it only 2 missing from the pack.

So far, I love it. Drives nice on the road (as nice as unbalanced swampers can drive of course), flexes up decent off road, but haven't really tested it completely.

Some other points to note, I did a shackle reversal, 55 springs, outboarded the front springs and changed to rancho 9012 shocks all in one shot, so my results could vary widely from what you or someone else might see from just a spring swap.

*the pic shows the front spring hanger. This is from about 4 months ago, I have been to busy getting it all going to get some real detailed shots of everything. I will try this weekend if the weather is nice to get a good update thread with pics up.


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I like your hanger setup, is there any reason you wouldn't cut the tube at a little more of an angle to make it slide over rocks and things a little better?

I will have to look into this a little this weekend while wrenching on the cruiser. I have enough 55 springs to do this. I will have to compare the front and rear 55 springs with some front 40 springs this weekend and see how the front springs would work.

I saw your post a while back with pictures of your whole rig and the shackle setup you have in the rear. I'll email you a picture of one of my buddies rig with a similar setup. I am going to have to find $20 and get my red star so I can post pictures and change this lame ass name!

oh BTW leaded Coors is better;)
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