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I remember bookmarking a thread a while back about different types of Auto shifters on the market. Someone posted up a "TCI looking" shifter that was relatively low cost - lower than the Art Carr which I didn't win by the way. It was aluminum construction with T-handle and anodized finish.

I really don't have room for an Art Carr shifter with my current setup, I need something narrower like a B&M Pro Stick or Hurst Quarter Stick.

I considered modifying an IMCA Shifter similar to the one attached below, but not sure if I like relying on only the detents in my TH350. This brings up a good question though - the factory shifters typically did rely on the detents to select each gear.

I have a Coan Manual Reverse Valvebody so my shifter needs to be reversed.

Post up your auto shifter tech and if someone else has a link to that thread, post up too. I searched but Shifter is too vague.


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blk87K5 said:
Art Carr shifters can be modified to make them much smaller. Basically, you do away with the plastic case.

yup... the guts to them are pretty small....... i run an Art Carr and i love it. it's a stout mother.

the only thing i dont like about it is that it doesn't have a reverse switch for backup lights, but in a buggy it wouldn't matter

the art carr has a beefy cable, i dont know what the B&M's are?

art carr's will work with any valvebody

look in the hot rod mags (jegs, summit) they have some pretty slim sleek designs for hot rods..... Lokar is one that i am thinkin of. they are really slim. some are even made with a tall shifter like a manual in a normal truck..

seems like it's all pretty much preference, but i love my art carr.
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