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sorry to bring this up again, but i have no choice.
the vehicle is 91' xj with aw4
here is the situation:
1. after washing the engine, me lockup starts oprating at his one free will.
2. code 38???? appeared.
3. after 2 resets only i managed to clear it - still no good.
4. the DRBII - dosen't get response from the transmission.
5. i have checked an double checked all the connectors - i have one free ( two wires type) above the transmission.
6. the fuses&relays are o.k
7. checking the tps (with the DRBII) shows something wierd (engine off): tps voltage 0.57 0% - minimum tps shows 1.02V
when you open the throtlle it raises voltage from the start but the % dont go up until the voltage gets to 1.02v.

help? anyone?
laredo :( :(
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