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AX-15 transmission overhaul

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I have 92 Cherokee 4.0 with an ax-15. I have put on 70k of the 100k currently on the odometer. I just dropped the transmission to replace the throwout bearing.
I am wondering if there is any benefit to me doing any sort of major overhaul on this thing while its out (not myself, but taking it to a trans shop). I can’t say the transmission has given me any problems. Clutch has gone out a couple times. But nothing with the actual trans. But just wondering if it would benefit from some extra routine maintenance before input it back in.
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Just put new fluid in it and go. I like redline brand or penzoil synchromesh. I’ve had my AX15 for years with zero trouble. Better than the nv3550 imo.

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I rebuilt mine at 110,000 miles. There was no reason to do it but I broke the bell housing and the input shaft was f’d.

If it shifts well and doesn’t grind, I would change the fluid and put it back in. Hell I’m cheap, I’d probably run the same fluid.
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