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I am selling the ford 8.8 rear end out of a 1988 Bronco. It has 4.10 gears with a Detroit locker. It has 32 spline axels in it. I also have 2 extra axels for the rear end. The driver side rear brake cylinder has been replaced. The passenger side brake cylinder needs to be replaced(I have the new cylinder for the rear end). It also has traction bars on the axel that will go with it. I am asking $800.00 for this one and all extra parts.

I have a TTB front end with a Dana 44 center chunk. It has 4.10 gears in it with a Detroit locker. The passenger side axel and locking hub are in good shape with new U-joints in it. The driver side needs the axel and needs the locking hub rebuilt. It has all the parts for a 6" lift on it. I am asking $350.00 for it.

I have 5ea Eaton beadlock rims that are a 10x15 and fits on a 5x5.5 lugs. They are 1yr. old and must all go together. I am asking $90.00 ea.

I am selling both front doors and the tailgate. All the window motors are in good shape. The tailgate key lock and window key works good. The buttons on the doors need to be replaced. I am asking $40.00 per front door and $50.00 for the tailgate.

If anyone is intersted in any of the parts listed you can e-mail me @ [email protected] or call me on my cell phone @ 770-312-9780

Thank you

P.S. I will have pics as soon as I can
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