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I am looking for the spec's on some different spindle types for FF rear ends. I am looking for the ID of the spindle bore, the OD of the spindle itself, the bearing size (ID and OD), the size of the part that goes to the axle housing. Info for D60, D70, D80, and Corp 14 bolt. I will welcome any other spindle measurement's as well. I already know a couple of the measurements for D60 and D70 by searching, but would like to make a complete list of them. This will be for a future project. :)



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sweden said:
I've got no measurements, just a borrowed pic

Fixed it for ya :flipoff2:

That Pic was taken by "Scouter" here on POR

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WRT the original post: rear 70-2UA, BOM 605311
Spindle bore 1.600
OD behind seal 3.00
OD at seal surface 2.875
OD at inner bearing 2.250
OD at outer bearing 2.000
inner bearing race OD 3.843
outer bearing race OD 3.275
inner bearing Timken 28682
inner bearing race 28622
outer bearing Timken LM104949
outer bearing race LM104911
ain't cutting it up to measure the part in the tube! :p

rear 60 BOM # 608775-3
Spindle bore was 1.400 (now 1.550)
OD behind seal - unknown; seal surface against backing plate
OD at seal surface 2.500
OD at inner and outer bearing 2.000
inner and outer bearing race OD 3.275
inner and outer bearing Timken LM104949
inner and outer bearing race LM104911

Nobody - these rear hubs with bearings bolt right on to a front 60 spindle (Dodge). I think that I know what you're up to. The spindle sticks out of the hub about 1/8" or so but there is enough theads outside the nut to face it off and it'll work. A Ford spindle may work without modification. A Spicer drive flange will also bolt right up to these rear hubs - however, the flanges stick back into the hub about 1/2" and this is too much to cut the spindle; however you could face the inside of the flange, or just make a custom flat-backed flange out of plate by welding in a side gear. Pig's flanges might just be bolt-on, too. I'm parting out this rear 70 so if you want the hubs, the spindles or anything else, shoot me an offer.

edit: I took some pics, but new computer = software issues and it'll be a few days before I can post 'em.

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Hey thanks for the info. If you can e-mail me the pics, I can post them for you. [email protected]

Right now I have my 60 housing all cleaned up with the spindles cut off. So I'm trying to figure out what I want. Plan is 35 spline FF, with OEM shafts.....If I can find them. I'm not sure using 60 front spindles on the rear would be cost effective, and really wouldn't serve much purpose.

I was going to put 14 bolt outers on it, but after I got the shafts home, I figured out they were 30 spline, not 35 spline:rolleyes: I'm still considering this though. I can have some 60 side gears cut for the 30 spline 14 bolt axles. But then it would be a bastard child axle, and my locker choices would be limited to Lincoln..... Unless I could get a custom spool.

Decisions decisions........
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