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Hi i have a 90 yj with a rear bronco 9 inch measuring 63" wide
it has a passanger dana 44 that i havent identified. It has 8 bolt spindles
external 6 bolt hubs and 5 on 5.5 pattern. I grendaded a hub. 76 international scout front seals dont fit inside the hub. I picked up a cj5 hub hoping it would fit with no such luck. a 76 interantional seal fits on the spindle. The spindle seal patch is 2.21 around that in diameter. 76 bearings fit the spindle but not the original hub or the cj hub the races are incorrect. it has ford style brakes with the caliper being held on by the slide pin and bracket. I will post some pictures. The front has 1 inch wheel spacers to make the overall width the same as the rear so i would guess its around 61" wide. If someone could tell me what the @#[email protected] i need to get for a correct hub that would help me out I would change the outers but it already has high steer. :mad3: this has been one headache after another. the previous owner has no idea what it is either.
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