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AZ Drive shaft repair!!!

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Ok... Please dont bash me about not going to Jesse at Highangle Driveline. I have one of his front driveshafts and its first class. But... if your looking to have a driveshaft repaired fast and you need quality work. I highly recommend Drive Line servieces of Phoenix.

I just installed my retubed drive shaft from Drive Line services of Phoenix. Its the place that 4 Wheelers uses. Anyway... this is my 4th time retubing my rear shaft... and its the best time. The Driveshaft feels like it did when it was stock. Ther are no vibes at any speed.

When it comes to drive shaft repair, this is the place. Ive been to Dicks and Arizona Driveshaft in phoenix. And this place is far superior... they are friendly, they listen to what your problems is, they help you find a solution, they charge what they quote, they are fast, the shop is well organized and very clean, and their products are first class. My shaft was cleaned and came with a nice paint job. Not some shitty paint job over the grease! Not that paint matters... it just goes to show they pay attention to detail.

I highly recomment using this place!

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and a good place to get chicken is Popeyes:rolleyes:
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