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Boston Mangler said:
WARNING!!! It is cloudy here in San Diego!!

What the hell is the meaning of this post?


I don't know if you know about the TLCA run going on this weekend, but its called the Rubithon. It is held on the Rubicon trail in the Sierras. There has been lots of talk on here about it and the WEATHER for the run this weekend. Most of the weather the Sierras get start in the Bay area travels through the Sac valley and into the Sierra's. So thats what this discussion is about, cause I know your not familiar with CA :flipoff2:

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you know it rained here yesterday evening but nobody posted about it :flipoff2: :flipoff2: :grinpimp:

Well hopefully they are having fun. CT weather is supposed to be mid 70s and nice for the weekend...lots of work to do on the cruiser/truck for CMCC next weekend:)

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