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I need a nice tow rig and two car trailer (open is fine even goose neck)

95 Larado 130k this thing is cherry. one little ding. perfect paint, clean int. no leaks...

5.9 360 swaped in with Borla headers/cat back and FIPK

42Re auto Built

ATLAS II 4.3 with 1310's, HD outputs and TJ twin stick

tom-woods Drive shafts

30 front 3.73 open

35 rear 3.73 open (can put 8.8 in for the right deal)

disc conv. with stainless slotted roters F&R along with high friction pads (stops AWSOME)

5.5 re lift

ARB front bumper with M8000 warn hardly any use

IPF Supper Rallys

5) 315x75R16 (35") Xterrains

5) Black Rubicon Moabs

new head lights

Nice MP3 CD player

husky liners

Bilsien 5100's


JKS disos.


I use this ass my daily driver. dont wheel it much at all (maybe five times) on some easy stuff. Add some lockers and you have a BAD ASS wheeler/DD'er.


Or $6500. Which is way cheap considering there are over $12K in bolt-on parts not including the engine swap.

I have towed with this many times with no problems but I have more than one jeep so I need to tow more than one rig.
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