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i've given up... tried to troubleshoot this myself, but no luck... i'm hoping that someone on here might have had the same problem.

i've got a nasty vibration that occurs on the highway. it comes and goes at different speeds and mostly in 3rd gear. the big vibe hits at about 67km/h in 3rd gear when i'm accelerating.

now my shaft is not ballanced and is thick wall. my spare is a shortenned rear yota. when i first put in the thick walled driveshaft, it vibrated real bad. did some investigating and noticed that it was bend at the splines... figured that might be the cause... fixed it up and no luck.

today coming back from the trails, i put in my shortenned stock shaft. wierd thing, the vibes are there but not quite as bad and occur at about 85km/h.

both shafts are the same, double u-joints.

the odd thing about this vibration is that it comes and goes as i accelerate, it's not a constant thing.
the vibration sounds and feels like it's coming from the transmission...

i'm scared that it's eating at my tranny.

has anyone had this happen?

could my u-joints be toast?
could the driveshaft slope angle be too steep? (the pinion angle is parallel with the output on the transfercase so that is not a problem)

i hope someone can help!
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