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I modified a Barnes 2" drop plate for my buddies '04 Rubicon. We had to notch out the rear part of the plate and build a mount for the transmission, but came out really nice.

He originally had the Teraflex oil pan and transmission skid, which had worked very well for him. The only problem was that the transmission skid was now about 2" too short, since the Barnes plate was narrower front to back than the one he had previously.

To make everything work I just cut the Teraflex transmission skid in the middle and inserted a piece of 3/16" plate about 2" wide, and then welded a couple pieces of 1" angle on the left and right sides to further strengthen it up and make it basically like a couple of mini rock sliders on the transmission skid.

The Teraflex skid just bolts to the Barnes skid with a couple carriage bolts, exactly like it bolted to the original Teraflex belly up skid.

It has worked very well and was pretty easy to do. No pics available as he is out of town.
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