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Barrett is now closed

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FYI...(Per the Pacific Ranager Station phone person)

The FS and their increasely flawed wisdom have decided to close the Barret Lake Trail due to wet conditions. But...somehow it is still to dangerous to have a fire in a campground that doesn't have a camp host. :shaking::shaking:
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Typical :(
Not sure if I'm following correctly. They waited till the rain to open it up... right? Then now that it rained it's too wet to have open, so they closed it??
Actually they don't wait "Until" the rain to open. They wait until the rain has stopped and the trail has dried up...then open. Then they close it upon the first heavy rains. I just don't think we've had enough rain to justify closing this early. I've talked to people that were on the trail this weekend and they saw no puddles...just damp soil...which is what they look for to open the trail. :confused::confused:

Fire restrictions being lifted is nice...at least they did that.

Thank you Marlon, I think I got Barrett mixed up with another trail :confused: I had it turned around.
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