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Barrett is now closed

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FYI...(Per the Pacific Ranager Station phone person)

The FS and their increasely flawed wisdom have decided to close the Barret Lake Trail due to wet conditions. But...somehow it is still to dangerous to have a fire in a campground that doesn't have a camp host. :shaking::shaking:
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Typically, the gate will be closed when a storm comes in. I would bet with the minimal precipitation, the gate is open or will be soon.

I have been in there many times on this particular weekend. It does snow about every other year or so.
After today the conditions will be much closer to wet than dry. It still remains that it could dry out and we still can see an "Indian Summer". Considering the FS stance I agree after today that they would not likely open The Trail until next year. So, I miss another year on the trail. I will make it next year.


ps Hey, I'll buy you lunch...............
Seriously though...have you ever seen the Barrett trail reopen after it has closed? Been running that trail for 15 years and I've never seen it reopen in one season.
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