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shmoesmith said:
My battery indicator light is acting all funky. It stays off except for certain conditions make it pop on. The light starts to glow dimmly, and gets progressivly higher as I turn the fan speed up..it never gets really bright though, but a definate glow(when the fan is on high, the indicator light looks like its glowing at about 1/2 its full brightness). Also as soon as I turn off my engine, the battery indicator light turns on at full brightness for a few seconds, then goes away. I'm running the GM alternator on my sammy and this started occuring just recently. The battery (an optima red top)is staying charged and i'm reading 14 or 15 volts coming off the alternator when at idle. Any ideas what could be causing this? I'm wondering if my alternator is having issues when under load or something. I jsut dont want to get stranded in good 'ol Utah winter weather with a dead sammy because I didnt recognize the warning signs that something bad was about to happen.

just did the same swap today and mine lights up as well, according to the info its completely normal for that

under load, at night you may notice the battery light glow very slightly. This is normal. To function properly the GM alternator need this bulb to cause some resistance. This is why it glows slightly. If the alternator fails this light will glow very brightly.
hope that helps
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