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I'm no expert, but wouldn't think a 1.5 amp charger would have much of anything left offer after overcoming the battery's internal resistance. Let us know the long term results.
I think if you start with a good battery, it's not a problem. Now, if the battery is crap to start with, you may be right. I have a little 1.5 amper that I bought from Nothern tool years ago. I rotate it between my tractor, lawn mower, and diesel truck (I have a company truck, so my personal truck doesn't get used much. About 3,000 miles in the past year. :D) about once a week. So far, I've never had any trouble out of any of them. The batteries in my work truck (2005 Excursion diesel) were crapping out, and even after a weekend on the trickle charger, I still had to jump it off to get to work on Monday.
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