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Originally posted on dieselstop but let's just say there wasn't much knowledge there on this.

I live in Alaska and have killed more batteries, alternators, etc. with my truck than anybody I know for a number of reasons including it sitting for a while, subzero temps, etc.

So I went to the local auto store and bought the Schumacher SE-1-12S - 1.5 amp Battery Charger and was having problems trying to mount it under the hood of my 2001 F250 PSD as I don't have much space with everything else I have under there.

The unit comes with a 90* bracket so I placed that under the passenger side battery and the unit sits about 2" from the battery heater around the battery facing the engine fan.

It is wired to charge the primary battery which is connected to the driver's side.

I have a regular old drop cord that I cut up and wired up that plugs to the unit and it connects to the same circuit as my battery heaters (2) and block heater. It is setup so I can unplug the heaters or the charger depending on the climate/conditions and just run one or the other if needed. They all run to a marinco plug I have on my bumper.

Had most of the parts on hand and the install took less than a day.

You're welcome.:laughing:
I'm no expert, but wouldn't think a 1.5 amp charger would have much of anything left offer after overcoming the battery's internal resistance. Let us know the long term results.
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