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46willys said:
This is kinda a newbie question but I am working on the first 9 inch axle I have ever owned so I got no way to know.

I am taking a EB 9 inch and putting disk on it, I have the ford rotors, monte carlo calipers, and the weld on brackets. The question comes with what to bolt to the end of the housing tube to retain the bearing. In the case of drums I suppose the backing plate would hold it in, I bought the housing bare so I dont know how it worked for sure. If thats the case can I just machine a peice of 1/4 inch steel to match up with the housing end? I guess the thickness would matter as well because you would want the shaft and bearing to seat all the way.

Any ideas or comments?
The drum brake backing plate sandwiched between the bearing retainer and the axle flange. It's about the same thickness as the bearing retainer.
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