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*** ***Searching*** ***
This is by no means the end all/be all and you should stop searching! There is ALOT of information on the board, and I have been 'picking' and choosing important threads out of IH talk that I feel were very informative and helpful. No, NOT all questions will be answered with this FAQ, but it is a good start and you might even find further links within these threads for help.

1. Remember that you have to have 4 characters! D44 won't work, but D44* will!
2. Try to pinpoint what you are looking for.
3. You have to be somewhat intelligent to use the search. Think hard about what you are looking for, you'll find it.
4. Wade through it all. This board has been up for quite a while. It is very easy to get 500 threads in a search.
5. 500 threads is the MAXIMUM it will return. Use the date range functionality of the search to narrow things down!

As always if you have a link to a good thread (on PBB or elsewhere) pm it to me so I can add it.

FAQ for Scouts

Stock Scout and other IH questions can be answered here...
Newbie Forum

Tech threads

Leaf Spring Suspensions
"What are you running?"
"Front springs?"
"Leaf spring gurus"
Discussion/flame fest on shackle reversal
Traction bars (IH thread)
Traction bars (Jeep thread)
Traction bars (General Tech thread)
Spring over axle conversion by Bill usn-1
SOA-Turning knuckles

Link suspensions
Buck Dodson's Front 3 Link
Slydog's one link Scroll to post 45
Shelljeep's Wishbone (One-Link) rear suspension project
"One link?" (Also see "What are you running" and "Sugar Bear's build")
"4 Link vs graderball"
Triaged's 4 link analyzer
The God Of Suspension... [for those of you who don't know]
Four Link suspensions
Links for Dummies
ExcelCAD - Link design program
Coils springs

Axle Improvements
Improving a front 44
Making a 44 stronger
BillaVista's gear setup article
Gear setup info
Gear break in thread
Rear discs on a d44
Hydroboost links on Pirate
Hydroboost in an 80/800
BillaVista's hydro-assist article
HOS's model 80 brake upgrade
Ram assist
Replacing Scout outers
14b disc brake conversion
Modernize 1974-1975 IH 200 Truck 4x4 axles

Electrical threads and tech
Taurus fan
Two speed fan wiring
Relays and other stuff stuff
Thermostat switch
Wire selection chart
Wire tech
1 wire vs 3 wire alternator
Rewiring a Scout II

Engine Tech
JetFxr's IH engine tech thread
Harvester of Sorrow's fuel injected Caddy motor
JustIH.org forum
BinderPlanet.com forum
Best motor for a Scout?
Chevy gen III 5.3 tech
3800 Bible

Transfer case tech
BillaVista's Uber-20 t-case part 1
Uber-20 t-case part 2
Mechanos' 203/205 doubler
Doubler again
Dana 300

Roll Cages
80/800 cages
Cage/frame tie-in
Rollcage Design

Extra stuff
oil pan mod
Installing a Jeep d300
On board air
Another on board air
OBA compressor tech
On board welder
Ammo can dimensions
In bed storage - MochaMike
More in-bed storage
Fender Trimming 401
Trail tools

Buildup threads

Jemarshall's 800
War Pony
Brandon's official build thread
TracTracTor Offroad
Urban Wheeler's Project Tetanus Shot part 1 part 2
Guido's 1965 Scout 80
Brandon's official Scout 80 build
Scouttank's Build
Copperhead's T-Rex build
Plug ugly's 80 build
chestonScout's rebuild
Robselina's "junk pile"
BLK Scout 800 Phase 3 Dovetail 4 link rear
BRAAAP41's Scout Comanche Buildup
rkscout's Then and Now, an 800 build
C4x4.com's This Old Scout (no relation to PBB's Old Scout :D)
Chief yelling alot's unofficial 800 build
Rockaddict's woods runner

Scout II's
Danny Israel's Winter Build
Old Scout
Slipscomb's slideshow
Sugar Bear's build
Larboc's Scoutzall
Chief yelling alot's turbo propane 345
Fresh Meat ~ a Scout Racer Build
Project Evolution
Snoopy's RockBinder
Scouttank's build posted by Scout254
Jemarshall's build

Other IH
Psychocj's Travelall
Blind Driver's pickup
Azzy2000's '56 S-120 4x4
Jetfxr's tow rig Travellette

Picture threads
Time to stretch those legs! (pictures from the trail)
Show off your IH by Brandon
80/800 gallery
All the build ups thread from Gen 4x4
Video thread

TOTWs in other forums

Jeep Talk TOTM
Chevy TalkTOTM
Ford TalkTOTM

Other IH BBs

More forums found here

IH vendors

good/bad vendors
IH Vendors can be found here

Classic threads

Timing chain
Project Merkwurdig
Why be an IH asshole
Why be an ass to newbs?
John Comer/Gryphin Racing (Must Read)

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A fast an easy way to find good threads is to simply use the sorting tools located in the right hand corner right above where the threads start or you can use the Display Option field in the bottom left corner, be sure to change to From the Beginning

Rating Replies Views

These features also work great in other forums.

BTW, if you already knew this...never mind.

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Creepy196 said:
Nicely put together Matt! Now my wife (and boss) have YOU to blame when I waste EVEN MORE time sifting through all those Scout tech and buildup threads!!! :smokin:
Thanks. I swiped the disclaimers from the Jeep board, who stole it from the Toyota guys.

I put a little into it every day, although I do count on the board to give some ideas and links to add. I was going to link to Damian's build on his website but thought I should link to his build thread here and add a vendor section so I could link to him (and others) there.

Anyway, Ben's Newbie FAQ gave me some ideas on what to include and what not to.

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are there any good resources for model comparisons. mostly looking at wheel base and approach/departure angle stuff between 80/800 and II's

Best bet for basic info like that would be www.binderbulletin.org and www.justih.org

Both the Scout 80/800 and the standard Scout II have a 100" WB. The Scout Terra (half cab 'pickup' version of the SII) and the Scout Traveler (full cab version of the Terra) have a 118" WB and were available from 1975 through 1980 (Concurent with standard SII production). Guys have bobbed Terra/Traveler Scouts to achieve a longer WB Scout II.

All versions of the Scout have basicaly the same approach angle (within a few degrees). The SII has a much crappier departure angle (stock),and the Terra/Traveler are even worse. Like with any other deficiencies, this can be remedied. Again, bobbing is popular, as is moving the axles...

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Thanks for getting the FAQ back from the blackhole of cyberspace :grinpimp:
and thanks to Urban Wheeler for maintaining it.

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This thread is my homepage, it drives my wife bat-shit crazy!:beer:

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Well this is not my first rodeo I have removed and replaced engines before, 84 Z 28 and a 1999 Honda Prelude ,which I did several times by myself . when I was 16 I did the ground up restoration of 80 CJ 7 with my dad , but it has been a long time since I have work on any car or automobile, so this being said .I just wanted a little information
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