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Hey yall!
Haven’t been on here in years but just caught the offroading bug again. I have a 2022 F-350 Tremor that I’m turning into an off-road toy and I’m torn on where to locate the compressors for a air system. Where would YOU recommend I place them?

This truck is also a daily driver. I guess my only 2 options, really, are: A. putting the compressors in the bed of the truck or B. Put them under the truck with the tank. I don’t really feel like putting them in the cab (if I can at all help it) because they’ll take up a lot of the under-seat storage. I’m putting a DiamondBack HD bed cover on the truck so the bed will be fairly secure. Under the truck seems like the best option but won’t I ruin the compressors if I do a water crossing? I mean, they can’t really get wet can they? Or, are today’s compressors set up so that they can handle water exposure? Obviously I’m not talking about them running while being exposed to water. Lol.

Sure would appreciate some advice here! Feel free to recommend a system. I’m mainly looking at a VIAIR system or a ARB; but leaning hard towards a VIAIR that can handle the higher volumes and pressures associated with 35”-37” tires on a Super Duty.
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