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Dude I've been hardcore (and i mean hardcore) miller fanboy, but i needed a plasma and a tig so i kinda gambled and bought a everlast powerpro 256. ive had it for since the start of summer. I have no regrets it works just like any high dollar miller with a built in 60 amp plaz. I use it alot, not production hours but alot. especially the plaz function. I cant complain at all, 5 year warranty also. I bought mine with the small tig torch with the flex head and i also have the watercooled torch which is a little big for my liking but its nice for aluminum. some of the stuff seems kinda cheap like. (example) not real happy with the stiffness of the torch leads and plaz leads but i can live with it for now.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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