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After my club’s trip this past New Years, where I rolled my truck for the second time and could have seriously injured/killed my gf (no cage :shaking: ) I decided it was time to build something safe, and caging my existing truck wasn’t worth it to me. I wanted to start over with an excab since I need the leg room and headroom and all. Looked, had a great Toyota lined up, jackass seller decided to :bendover: :boink: me on the deal and sold it out from under me, so I went back to the search. A buddy sent me an ad for a 2nd gen toy on 1 tons, I jumped on it, apprehensively, and then decided to make the 11 hour trip to get it: Lancaster - la verne - san marcos - stone brewery for dinner :flipoff2: - compton - la verne - lancaster. I started buying parts and getting ready for a whirlwind of build activity. I work for a utility contractor and am about 1.5 hrs away from my truck and have a girlfriend who likes to see me sometimes, so it was going to be a tough build to balance my time. I never understood why people would waste money buying things they can build themselves until I got my job and never am around to see my truck. I’d rather pay someone for a quality product and be done building it than spend a ton of time doing it all myself. I may get a Saturday once a week, at most. I just want to go wheel the thing…..

- 88 Ex cab
- 3.0 V6 w/ 5 spd manual
- Dana 60, 5.13 or 5.38s, ARB
- 14 BFF, 5.13 or 5.38s, Detroit, Discs
- Stock garbage V6 tcase
- Chevy 63s with a block and double shackles
- All pro front springs with High AND low steer
- Worn 37” Parnelli Jones
- “interesting” wiring and patches under the dash
- Sweet mud flaps front and rear
- Less than stellar bed bob and frame bob

Current plans, hoping to be done by the end of summer:
- Fix a ton of the little issues all over the truck
- Fix brakes (stock toy stuff on it now?)
- Built 23 spline gear-drive duals clocked 10* and Marlin Adapter for r150 tranny
- HAD pinion flanges to run toy shafts
- Davez shafts front/rear
- 4xinnovations clocked dual case mount
- F-150 rears (no double shackle…)
- 2.0 or 2.5 resis front/rear
- RUF type pack
- Suspension seats
- Winch
- Deck, speakers amped and a sub maybe
- Full cage, sliders, etc
- 39-42” tires

Future hopes once it’s up and running:
- Traction bar
- Spare mount tailgate
- New bed with more bob
- 35 splines
- Harnesses
- Tube bed
- Links
- 3.4 swap and possibly 3rd gen/Tacoma body swap


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Started buying up parts for the truck as soon as i picked it up. So far i have ordered:

- Tranny-case adapter, Built 4.7 case with all the goodies, front range box, clocked adapter from Golden State Motorsports
- duals crossmember from Adam at 4XInnovations
- Axle flanges from Jesse via PolyPerformance
- stereo goods

Worked on it a little this past sunday at the shop, did a tune up and replaced the shifter bushings (shifter was wandering around more than Hellen Keller solo in the Sahara). Got started tracing and yanking iffy wiring, took off the mudflaps and took it for a spin to get some dinner. It purrs once it gets started, but its having issues with the starter not engaging and just plain not wanting to start up. Not sure why the guy did, but its got a push-button ignition, seems odd. There will be lots of odd wiring I will need to be cleaning up... Just got a promotion of sorts and should have all my weekends off now, so I can work on it more than I thought.

I forgot, it has a 2" body lift that needs to go asap too...

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Here's the old rig, with a first timer behind the wheel...

It worked great but I was always worried about breaking stuff. I will miss that wheelbase and the 3rd gen body style...

OOPS, nearly all suspension stuff will be getting replaced. This thing isnt even going to hit the trail as is now, im waaaaay too used to duals to run a single stock case...

Only thing the old owner told me was it felt better with the lower tie rod on because of the steering stabilizer. I just need to get a t-100 rear sump pan and/or ditch the high steer tie rod altogether...


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Shits gay, didn't know you wanted a mud truck. Wont be done for two years. Or you'll get antsy and go wheeling without a cage and flop it:flipoff2::flipoff2::flipoff2:

All obligatory shit talking aside. Its a nice plat form to start a great rig. Let me know when your going to work on it all weekend and I'll take the train down to the shop and give ya hand. You need to get the body lift off and replace some of the jankness soon to get some motivational fire under your ass.

Color scheme? I like the 99 pennies spray paint from HD:D

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I will be having all my weekends off now, so I have more time to work on it. Probably just be there Saturdays to work with Greg and Wyatt. I have motivation, just no time... Your's is a matter of steps away and you cant even work on it...dont talk to me about motivation son...

I'm thinking grey....

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Picked up some Beard Supers this weekend, should work perfect.

Took out the body lift in the rear, some of the horrible "trailer hitch" he attempted to weld in and did some more wiring clean up while the girlfriend tackled all the old purple faded tint on the rear windows. The wiring is going to be a big issue on this thing....not looking forward to tracking down all the jank in it...


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