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Well, I know they probably dont exist, but I figured I would ask anyway just for sake of asking...

Is there any place I can go to buy a bigger alternator pulley for a Delco 1-wire? The thing is, Ive got a 69 Nissan Patrol, and Ive rigged up a power steering pump running off of one of the grooves on my alternator's double-pulley. Now, Ive encountered 2 problems with this setup.
1. The pump is not turning fast enough, and 2. there is not enough surface area on the alt pulley for the belt to get any decent grip.

So what I need is a larger pulley that will fit on my alternator. If I can just get that, I can weld a smaller pulley onto the front of that so that I will still have a small enough pulley to keep my alt turning fast enough.

I fear it may be a totally custom job, and I may have to use a pulley off another power steering pump, but I figured I would ask just for the sake of asking.
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