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Introducing.......The WOLF !!

Welcome to my new 1 ton Rock Buggy, that my 3 year-old son Mitchell has named "The Wolf".



Overall Length 141"
Overall Width 84"
Body Width 61.5"
Height 71.5"
Wheelbase 105"
Front Driveshaft 37.5"
Rear Driveshaft 30.5"
Front Axle 71" wms, 84" overall
Rear Axle 67" wms, 80" overall
Weight Front 2200 lbs
Weight Rear 1600 lbs
Weight Total 3800 lbs
Approach angle > 90*
Departure angle > 90*
Crawl Ratio 6.55 x 2.01 x 2.03 x 4.10 = 110:1

Static loaded tire dimensions:

Height 37"
Width 12"


Under Front Diff 11.5"
Under cross member 19.5"
Under Rear Diff 11"


Frame: 1980 Chevy K3500 1 ton 4x4
Body / Cage: Custom, 1-5/8" .120 wall tubing
Engine: Chevy 350 cu in
Transmission: SM465
Transfer cases: NP 203 mated to Jeep D20
Driveshafts: Conventional non-CV style
Front Axle: Chevy Kingpin D60, 4.10 gears, welded diff, disc brakes, 71" wms
Rear Axle: Corporate 14 bolt, 4.10 gears, welded diff, 67" wms
Tires: Michellin XML Military Radials 325/85/R16, heavily grooved

The Rig

Dcp_5010_small.jpg Dcp_5012_small.jpg Dcp_5013_small.jpg Dcp_5015_small.jpg Dcp_5016_small.jpg Dcp_5019_small.jpg Dcp_5002_small.jpg Dcp_5003_small.jpg

Inside the Cockpit

Dcp_5024_small.jpg Dcp_5027_small.jpg Dcp_5029_small.jpg Dcp_5030_small.jpg


drivetrain_small.jpg dual_cases_small.jpg

Front axle / suspension

Dcp_5033_small.jpg Dcp_5034_small.jpg Dcp_5037_small.jpg Dcp_5038_small.jpg Dcp_5039_small.jpg Dcp_5040_small.jpg Dcp_5047_small.jpg Dcp_5048_small.jpg Dcp_5049_small.jpg Dcp_5050_small.jpg

Front End / Hood

hood_closed_small.jpg front_fender_small.jpg hood_open_small.jpg

Under the Hood

Dcp_5059_small.jpg Dcp_5060_small.jpg Dcp_5061_small.jpg Dcp_5062_small.jpg Dcp_5063_small.jpg Dcp_5064_small.jpg Dcp_5065_small.jpg Dcp_5066_small.jpg

Rear Axle / Suspension

Dcp_4991_small.jpg Dcp_4992_small.jpg Dcp_4993_small.jpg Dcp_4995_small.jpg Dcp_4996_small.jpg Dcp_4997_small.jpg Dcp_5042_small.jpg Dcp_4937_small.jpg rear_link_bracket_small.jpg rear_links_small.jpg rear_coil_small.jpg rear_top_link_small.jpg

rear_diff_window2_small.jpg rear_diff_window1_small.jpg
A really cool feature. Driver turns head right, and the raer bulkhead is right there. Peek through - and you have a great view of the rear diff / yoke / drive shaft...easy to see if hung up. Sweet!

The #1 Driver!

Mitch2_small.jpg Mitch3_small.jpg Mitch4_small.jpg Mitch5_small.jpg Mitch6_small.jpg Mitch1_small.jpg

Dcp_4662_small.jpg Dcp_4669_small.jpg


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