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I have a 16 gig blackberry playbook that i have used three different times. It has a warranty and has the box charger and all accessories.

I would like to trade for an iPad and pay the difference depending on size and model.

here is a picture

This is brand new nothing is wrong with it at all. I am just an apple man I chose the playbook because of its amazing camera, FLASH!!!! yes I said it the playbook has flash so any video on any website can be played!! even games that dont require a keyboard will play! Because it is very sleek looking, dual speakers has microsoft word, bing maps, video chat, adobe reader, powerpoint, and excell. The playbook is very responsive and honestly I love it! I just miss all the apps that i have already payed for

I am asking 250 or trade for an ipad and i will pay the difference in price depending on how old, condition, memory, and model


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