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The Bureau of Land Management is responding to a lawsuit by environmentalists.


Responding to a lawsuit by environmentalists, the federal government on Friday closed all washes in eastern San Bernardino and Riverside counties to vehicles.

Unmarked dirt roads in other areas of the California desert also were closed.

The actions, effective immediately, were initiated by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to protect the desert tortoise, a threatened species, officials said in a news release.

The public has until Nov. 26 to appeal through the Interior Board of Land Appeals.

Environmentalists who sued the BLM said the closures are aimed mostly at illegal off-roading. Specific routes eventually will be designated in the various areas, the BLM said.

"It sets forth a reasonable route network so they can have access, but at the same time it reduces the threat to the tortoise," said Daniel Patterson of the Center for Biological Diversity. The Arizona-based group sued last year, alleging the BLM failed to protect two dozen threatened and endangered plant and animal species. In negotiations, the BLM agreed to limit mining, off-roading and cattle grazing across 11 million acres of public land.

Friday's closures also include a 25,600-acre camping area east of the Imperial Sand Dunes in Imperial County. Last year, the BLM closed more than a third of the dunes to off-roading to protect an endangered plant.

"It's a big deal; any land closure is a big deal," said Vicki Warren of Corona, a member of the American Sand Association, which sued the BLM seeking to reopen the dunes.

Additional road closures are in the Newberry-Rodman area east of Barstow; Superior Valley north of Barstow; Helendale area south of Barstow; lower Chemehuevi Valley in eastern San Bernardino County; and 3,200 acres in the Edwards Bowl area north of Adelanto.

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Once again, the Center for Biological Diversity is closing us down. These guys are evil!


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To divide and conquer, it worked great for Nappolion and it will work for the greenies, Why most of us have been working there ass off trying to make a living and to provide for our families , the greens have been going to college off of grants and there parents.To seek out State positions and place themselves in important area's that cover anything that is enviromenatly related from ground water contamination to off road use, to cattle grazing.We as offroader's,Joe-six-pack,or whoever has to fight these battles on all fronts ,it takes up my time at work and it takes up my time at home it is a fight that I will do anything within my means to to win , it is a uphill battle. They hit us on all fronts on purpose , I beleive to keep us jumping from one to the other and not being well organized for anything.I wish that we could gather all the off road rec groups and individuals together along with the cattle ranchers and any other groups thet are threaten to show a united front like the green groups do, to pool all the member fees and start to use the leagle system in our favor it take alot of money to fight these battles. I have noticed that since Gray Davis has been elected the enviro movement within the state goverment has increased. I deal with the Lower San-Jaquin Regional Water Quality Control Board at where I work, and the person that is in charge told us that under a Republican Gov. they have had no funding , but under a Democratic Gov. we now have funding and I hired 5 new people to watch over 5 foothill counties.This has cost us about 45,000 to 50,000 in leagle fees just to keep us in business that is a big chunk out of the budget for a two man operation and it is not over yet. For what it is worth vote Republican next time it will help us all out.just my .02 cents worth

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