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"BLM Schedules Workshop to Review OHV Grant Proposals" (BLM California news release, 02/11/2003)
BLM workshop in Hollister to discuss the fiscal year 2004 off-highway vehicle grant proposal and request. The grant proposal is for California State Parks, Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division. Workshop will have three work stations for public comment and recommendations: operations and maintenance, resource protection/restoration, and law enforcement. The grant request provides funds for costs related to planning, managing, and coordinating the BLM off-highway vehicle program in the Clear Creek Management Area in portions of San Benito and Fresno counties.

"BLM seeking comments on off-highway vehicle grant requests for South Cow Mountain" (BLM California news release, 02/10/2003)
Grant proposals for operation of the South Cow Mountain off-highway vehicle area will be discussed, and public comments will be accepted, in two upcoming public meetings.
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