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"BLM Director Clarke to Give Awards at Sand Sports Super Show" (BLM California news release, 9/15/2004)
BLM's national director, Kathleen Clarke, will present special awards Friday to the Imperial Sand Dunes Law Enforcement Coalition and the American Sand Association at the Sand Sports Super Show in Orange County. The awards will honor the Coalition and the ASA for their leadership in conservation and recreational safety programs throughout the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.

"Long Term Visitor Areas" (BLM California website)
Every year, thousands of visitors come to enjoy the natural beauty and recreational opportunities offered at BLM´s Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVAs), where visitors may camp for as long as seven months.

"Gun range lease extended" (San Bernardino County Sun, 09/11/2004)
"There wasn't much around the ... range when it opened in the 1940s, just a handful of houses about a quarter-mile away....In 1964, when it started leasing its land from the [BLM], the range still had few neighbors. But as hundreds of houses sprouted within earshot of the range, so did complaints about the noise it had produced for decades.....BLM officials have decided to renew the lease for 20 years, however, with some stipulations to reduce noise and open later on Sunday morning."

"History of the desert comes to life in guided four wheel drive tour" (BLM California news release, 09/01/2004)
A free, guided four-wheel-drive tour into the rugged region east of Susanville: Lassen County Historian Tim Purdy and BLM Archaeologist Don Manuel will lead the day-long outing to sites ranging from a failed 1800s irrigation dam to archaeological sites containing evidence of the first human occupation of the region. Because of the long hours, hot weather and rough roads, organizers said the trip may not suitable for very young children.

"Off-road group tackles Sand Mt. trash in annual cleanup" (Lahontan Valley News, 09/09/2004)
"About 150 volunteers took to the dunes at Sand Mountain Saturday with trash bags in hand to pick up the wind-scattered scraps left behind by recreators over the past few months....[the group] has been lobbying to keep Sand Mountain open to off-roaders since last year, when a [BLM] biologist recommended banning vehicles from an area north and northwest of the dune to protect a rare butterfly and its habitat....According to the BLM, the vast majority of Sand Mountain visitors are from out of state...." Many are from California.
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