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Subject : BLM out of control
Yuma, Arizona.

Yuma, AZ BLM rangers C. Moore and Keith Dorsey allegedly used pepper
spray to subdue winter visitor Gary Snair, a Vietnam veteran, after
confronting him about reportedly driving his jeep off designated roadways
the Senator Wash area. Snair informed them that the jeep they were looking
for was NOT his jeep. Mr. Snair ended up going to the hospital in
handcuffs to be treated for an apparent panic attack.

Snair was charged with interfering with the officers according to BLM.
He is wondering why they treat retired people that way.

Snair said it all started when the BLM rangers confronted him January
2001 with the accusations of him driving his jeep offroad. Snair said
and the BLM people were arguing when one of them pushed him. When he turned
to walk away, the two officers knocked him to the ground, sprayed him with
pepper spray, handcuffed him and then sprayed him with pepper spray again.

It was later reported that BLM assistant field manager Merv Boyd
confirmed that pepper spray was used on Snair, but justified the use by
saying the officers who felt threatened, acted within the BLM's guidelines.
He said Snair was resisting arrest and that the agency was planing to
investigate the event.

Winter visitors who live in the same area watched the incident take
place. They banded together to protest the incident, taking a caravan of
to the BLM office on January 8. A larger winter visitor crowd visited
BLM again on January 16 after BLM had not investigated the incident
regarding Snair as they had promised to do. BLM told the people on the
first visit that they would investigate the situation and people would be
interviewed. They did not follow through with what they told the people
they would do. BLM's response this time was they could not go into
specifics or interfere because the case was going to court.

A March trial date has been set for Gary Snair to appear before U.S.
Magistrate Jay Irwin for a non jury trail on a misdemeanor charge of
interfering with the BLM agents. Snair and the BLM representatives met
before the judge on January 11 at which time BLM representatives offered
drop the charges of interfering with the officers if Snair would plead
guilty to driving his jeep off road and leave the area.

"We offered a plea agreement and he rejected it." said Merv Boyd, BLM
assistant field manager.

Though Snair is no longer staying on BLM land, he said he did not
accept the offer because he didn't drive his jeep off road.

The information on this incident was reported in the Yuma Sun News January
9, 17, and 19, 2001.

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