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Good news printed here:


Bureau of Land Management, California Desert Routes of Travel Designations (WECO), an amendment to the 1980 California Desert Conservation Area Plan, has approved travel routes.

The plan amendment establishes or revises designations of trails for off-road vehicles in accordance with federal regulations. Trails for inclusion in the state of California’s Discovery Trail System and the route to be used as a segment of the Juan Bautista De Anza National Historic Trail within the WECO project area are also identified.

Public lands addressed by the California Desert Conservation Area in the WECO portion of Imperial County lie west of the west Union Pacific Railroad and the Chocolate Mountain Gunnery Range (excluding the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area). The planning area encompasses about 475,000 acres.

“The decision record lifts interim restrictions on these lands pertaining to public access and uses the results from the lawsuits filed by the Center for Biological Diversity, the Sierra Club, and the public Employees for Environmental Responsibilities in March of 2000.” Greg

Thomsen, BLM’s El Centro Field Office manager said.
Copies of the decision record are being mailed to those who received a copy of the proposed plan and final environmental impact statement or submitted a letter protesting the plan. The decision record is now available on line at www.ca.blm.gov/elcentr/weco.html. The approved plan will be available soon and will also be mailed and posted on line.
For further information, contact Arnold Schoeck, El Centro Field Office, BLM at 760-337-4441 or e-mail Arnold Schoeck @ca.blm.gov.
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